Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib

In the district of Sas Nagar, Punjab, lies the renowned Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib, situated in sector 62 of Mohali. This three-story Gurdwara stands prominently, easily visible from the front of Gurudwara Amb Sahib.

Historical Significance

This sacred place holds deep historical importance, being a site of meditation for two revered religious figures—Bhai Kuram Ji, a devoted follower of Shri Guru Har Rai, and Sant Baba Ishar Singh, a devout disciple of Sant Baba Atar Singh Ji. These venerable individuals spent extended periods in meditation here, laboring tirelessly to draw the minds of the Sikh Community towards embracing the teachings of Gurbani with their Hearts and Souls. Within this hallowed ground lies a sacred memorial for the saints and a tribute to Bhai Kuram Ji.

Baba Ishar Singh Ji was instrumental in establishing three Gurdwaras, built in the following order:

  • Gurudwara Amb Sahib: Constructed with sturdy bricks, it is presently administered by its dedicated committee.
  • Gurdwara Bowli Sahib Dhakoli at Ambala.
  • Angitha Sahib: At this location, Baba Ji erected his own chamber. Today, his belongings are preserved here. The present Baba Ji of Angitha Sahib is Baba Mahinder Singh, also known as ‘Sant Baba Mahinder Singh’.

The Architectural Marvel of Gurdwara Building

The Gurdwara Sahib, enveloped by lush green lawns and adorned with exquisite plantings at its entrance, stands distinctively clad in carved marble panels and tiles of pristine white on all sides. Balconies encircle the Gurdwara on every floor, and the five milky-white ‘Sky-Socketting’ Samads (tombs) crowning its roof enhance the monument’s architectural grace. During festive occasions, when adorned with radiant strings of lights, the Gurdwara radiates a luminescent allure akin to a historic Maharaj’s jewel box.

This Shrine serves as a dignified and fitting testament to the dedicated service of these remarkable figures in the Sikh Community’s history.

The Gurudwara Complex

The complex encompasses various vital areas:

  • Darshani Deodi
  • Darbar Sahib
  • Tapasthaan – Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji Lambia Sahib Wale
  • Bhaura Sahib
  • A spacious Guru Ka Langar
  • Yaadgaar Bhagat Kuram Ji
  • Sarovar Sahib
  • Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji Gurmat Sangeet Academy
  • Residence Rooms
  • Dispensary (22 ft by 40 ft)
  • Availability of three Doctor Rooms
  • Fully-equipped Laboratory
  • Patient Checking Rooms
  • Annual Free Eye Checking Camp
  • Regularly organized Free Teeth Checking Camp

Sarai Information and Facilities

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Jagdeep Singh (Office) at 0172-2231678 or 98148-31678. The Sarai offers thirty rooms, each equipped with an attached bathroom. However, priority is given to relatives of patients undergoing treatment at the nearby Fortis Hospital.